President Rouhani appreciates equipping relief warehouses and opening ‎Khanehaye Helal

TEHRAN, 17 September 2020 - Emphasizing public readiness during ‎disasters, President Rouhani said: “If theses houses (Khanehaye Helal) provide ‎first aids to youth, students and public, in hard days, all of the people will be a ‎relief worker.”‎

During the opening of the Iranian Red Crescent’s relief and health projects, through videoconference, President Hassan Rouhani said:“The fact that the condition of the Red Crescent warehouses is good now is commendable. I have been following the situation of the warehouses for a while, because the Red Crescent warehouses must always be equipped and full for critical situations that we may face.”

He referred to the Iranian Red Crsecent services inside and outside of the country, appreciating the Red Crsecent for opening 1,400 Khaneyeh Helal (literally Red Crescent House) across the country for relief, rescue, education, etc.

He stressed that everyone should be ready, adding: "If these houses provide basic education and first aid to the youth, students and the general public, in the difficult days before the rescuers arrive, all the people will be relief worker.”

Iranian Red Crescent opened a ‎number of projects in the areas of relief, health, treatment and rehabilitation as ‎well as 1,400 Khaneye Helal via videoconference in the present of President ‎Hassan Rouhani on Thursday, September 17‎‏.‏



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