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Relief and Rescue, Disaster Management and Risk Reduction


•Performing relief and rescue operations to assist the victims of various disasters at the national and international levels

•Strengthening and developing relief and rescue network in all provincial branches

•Developing the teams of sniffing dogs, search and rescue in rubbles, mountain, sea, airlifting, road accidents relief, telecommunication (VHF, HF and satellite systems), first aid, and rapid deployment

•Rendering training services for relief and rescue teams in the main responsible areas such as search and rescue of the affected people, first aid services, evacuation of injured to the medical centres, provision of temporary sheltering services for the survivors as well as distribution of food and non-food items amongst the sheltered people

•Increasing resources/capacities in the fields of road relief posts, warehousing, permanent and mobile relief posts, coastal, marine and mountain relief and rescue posts, relief helicopters as well as light and heavy relief vehicles to better deal with the growing number and magnitude of disasters in the country   

•Establishing the biggest International Centre for Relief and Rescue Training in Isfahan provincial branch