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Red Crescent Sets up Emergency Camps after Fars Earthquake

SHIRAZ, 10 June 2020 (IRCS) - Following a 5.7-magnitude earthquake which ‎struck the vicinities of Beyram District, Larestan County, in the Southern ‎province of Fars, the Iranian Red Crescent has set up three emergency camps ‎in the villages affected by the earthquake‏.‏

The quake occurred at 21:48 (local time) on 9 June at the depth of 10 km underground. Three quakes shook the area before the main quake, the largest of which was a 5.1-magnitude. No damage or deaths were reported.

Some cracks in 50 houses in Khonj and 80 houses in Larestan have been reported.

Red Crescent dispatched 18 relief and assessment teams (72 relief workers and rescuers) and relief vehicles to the epicentre of the quake to assess the affected areas

The Red Crescent assessment teams assess six villages as well as 226 homes in Khalili village which was registered as the epicentre of the Beyram quake.

The Society also has stored relief items and 2,000 tents in areas where the quake was felt, including Khonj, Gerash and Lamerd Counties.

Furthermore, three emergency camps were set up in three villages of Khonj County with 20 tents for each camp.