Earthquake Preparation Manoeuvre in Qazvin

Qazvin, 2 May 2020 (IRCS) - The Iranian Red Crescent relief workers participated in a drill for an imaginary 6.4 magnitude earthquake which shook Buin Zahra city in the northwestern province of Qazvin.

The field exercise was held on Friday evening, 1 May, with the attendance of the Iranian Red Crescent President Karim Hemmati and head of the Relief and Rescue Organisation Morteza Salimi.

The exercise lasted till midnight aiming to assess readiness of relief workers and rescuers during the disaster.

“The drill and operation, without prior notice, actually has a picture of an event, and we must witness the presence and rapid reaction of the forces at the time of the disaster.” said Dr, Hemmati, Iranian Red Crescent President.



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