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Foreign Aids Continue to Flood Victims

TEHRAN, 4 May 2019 (IRCS) – Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has received the second relief consignments of China and Austria for the flood-hit people of the country.

3 weeks ago

Foreign Aids Continue to Flood Victims

The government of China dispatched its second shipment to support the Iranian flood-affected people including 1,400 tents.

The first consignment of china for the Iranian flood-affected people arrived in Iran last week and included 2,600 tents.

Furthermore, the second consignment of the government of Austria arrived in Iran through the European Commission. The consignment weighs 8,336 kg, and includes 1,000 hygiene parcels for five people.

The Austrian Government sent its first consignment for the Iranian flood-hit people last week, which included 2,000 blankets and five water-mud pumps.

So far, Turkey, Germany, Swiss, Kuwait, Japan, Armenia, Russia, France, Azerbaijan, Oman, South Korea, Georgia, India, Czech, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Austria and China have sent in-kind aids to Iran to support the affected people by March floods.

Because of the US sanctions on Iran, there is no way the Iranian Red Crescent can receive foreign cash contributions. Some countries and organizations have declared their readiness to send cash aids, but there is no way these aids can be sent to Iran, given the blockage of international financial channels by the US.