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France Supports Iran Flood Victims Once Again

TEHRAN, 12 May 2019 (IRCS) –  A French non-governmental organization called Secours Populaire  Francais has planned to provide food and hygiene items to Iran’s flood-hit families.

2 months ago

France Supports Iran Flood Victims Once Again

The worth of these items is estimated at 15,500 Euro, which include rice, tuna, edible oil, sugar and beans. The items will be supplied from Iran markets.

In April, another French non-governmental organization sent 4,960 blankets and 274 kitchen sets to Iran’s flood_affected people.

Furthermore, the French government sent a relief consignment to Iran, which included 114 water pumps and 210 tents.

Nationwide floods in Iran displaced tens of thousands of people and left 78 dead in March and April.