Hajj Pilgrimage Medical Centre

The main mission of the IRCS medical centre for Hajj pilgrimage is providing health services for Hajj and holy shrines pilgrims in order to ensure them of using suitable medical and health facilities and qualified staff during their holy travel without worrying about their physical situation.

This centre focuses on three main areas as health, treatment and training.

A. Health:

  1. Recruiting qualified experts on environmental health and food health
  2. Checking health situation in hotels and buildings rented by the Centre
  3. Monitoring of food and health stuff
  4. Monitoring accommodation environment of the pilgrims
  5. Monitoring restaurants
  6. Monitoring abattoirs/slaughterhouses where animals are butchered for their meat
  7. Observing and inspecting water sources
  8. Health intervention in case of epidemics

B. Treatment:

  1. Recruiting medical physicians for the caravans
  2.  Medical examinations for Hajj applicants
  3. Recruiting medical and paramedical staffs for the hospitals
  4. Providing and dispatching medicine and medical supplies
  5. Medical examinations for the executive staffs
  6. Setting up and equipping hospitals and clinics of the Centre
  7. Forwarding specialised treatment and health teams
  8. Providing treatment services to the pilgrims
  9. Forwarding the ill pilgrims to hospitals in Saudi Arabia
  10. Setting up Emergency Caravan

C. Training

  1. Technical and specialised training for the medical physicians of caravans
  2. Training of the pilgrims
  3. Technical and specialised training for the medical physicians and paramedics