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Celebrities join IRCS

Celebrities join IRCS


TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (IRCS) _ A group of Iranian entertainment figures volunteered to join the Iranian Red Crescent Society to be involved in humanitarian activities.

Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Volunteers Organization hosted some of the cinema, theater and television’s actors and actresses in a gathering held for assessing effective ways voluntary presence of artists in IRCS humanitarian activities and programmes, especially in emergency times.

At the meeting, Habib Dargahi, the acting head of the IRCS Volunteers Organization, honored celebrities for their permanent fellowship with Iranian Red Crescent in helping vulnerable and injured people, saying: “Holding such gathering with artists is a major step in bring together all the available potentialities to realize the motto of Volunteers Organization to be the "linking piece between the needy and the mighty".

"The artistic community has always played an unparalleled role in creation of glamorous humanitarian moments and it is possible to multiply the effectiveness of such activities by defining fresh strategies.”

Also, Dariush Asadzadeh, a senior actor, lauded the idea of accepting actors and actresses as Red Crescent volunteers, saying: “Joining charity and humanitarian affairs is another aspect of artists' capabilities and the artists' community has always offered charity services besides artistic activities.

Referring to artists being loved among the general public, Bahman Dan, an Iranian artist, also said it is always a concern for artists to help the needy.

A lot of artists and celebrities are the volunteer members of IRCS and now some others have joined the National Society. Also, the Iranian Red Crescent enjoys a museum under the name of Ali Akbar Sanati, the late famous Iranian painter and sculptor, to exhibit artworks.


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