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Youth-Authorities Dialogue, a Must: IFRC President

Youth-Authorities Dialogue, a Must: IFRC President


TEHRAN, Apr. 16 (IRCS) _ The President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in a Tehran gathering with the Iranian Red Crescent's youth members stressed that Red Crescent and Red Cross youth should have more participation in decision making together with National Societies' authorities.

Mr. Francesco Rocca, during his visit to Iranian Red Crescent Society, had a friendly meeting with Red Crescent youth on late Sunday, April 16, 2018. He first listened to the youth members about their humanitarian activities and paid attention to their comments and concerns later on.

Addressing the youth, Mr. Rocca said: “Today, you reconfirmed how much this is important to invest on the youth members of National Societies within the Red Cross and Red Crescent family network.”

“Two aspects are important in this visit that I will take with me. The first one comes out from some of the interventions and speeches which are the concerns about the future of peace. And then the second part is an answer to the first which is the capacities of you [Youth member] to put the culture and the awareness of the first one into action. Sometimes we think about action, what to do and what has to be done but behind every action must be 'Why We Act?" he remarked.

IFRC President noted that awareness and culture are two fundamental elements. “We must not to be scared about the future but must be aware about what we have to do and what is happening around us,” Mr. Rocca underlined.

Mr. Rocca also referred to the human crises in Syria, Yemen, and Palestine, and said many people have lost their lives in the crises. He also stressed on the capabilities sharing to resolve problems.

Referring to the changes in International Federation's statute with the participation of Iranian Red Crescent, the IFRC President announced that in the next year General Assembly, for the first time, a youth will be elected to be representative of youth at Governing Board.

Mr. Rocca said it was an important moment for youth of National Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies to bring their voice at international level. 

He encouraged the youth to voice their demands to the authorities and described it as serious for establishment of dialogue between youth and senior authorities.

IFRC President referred to next MENA Conference which will be held in Baghdad, Iraq, and said: “I will try to do my best to support your requests about the network,” Mr. Rocca, however, noted that the youth should help him as well.

At the end of the meeting which was held in the presence of Secretary General of Iranian Red Crescent, Head of the Youth Organization and Under-Secretary General of International Affairs & IHL, the representatives of the youth of the Iranian Red Crescent presented the statute of the Youth Organization to the IFRC President.


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