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Nearly 9,000 Pilgrims Refer to IRCS Medical Centers in Medina

Nearly 9,000 Pilgrims Refer to IRCS Medical Centers in Medina


MEDINA, Aug. 6 (IRCS) _ A total of 8,895 Hajj pilgrims have attended the medical centers of Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) in the Saudi Arabian city of Medina since July 18.

IRCS has set up 4 medical centers in Medina for Iranian pilgrims in hotels of Julnur Taiba, Makarem Plaza, Royal Makarem, and Julnur al Salam, mostly accommodating Iranian pilgrims. IRCS is also running three 24/7 clinics and a medical center that is open 16 hours a day to serve the patients.

Of the visiting patients, fifty-one patients have been transferred to Saudi Arabia’s hospitals, of whom only 2 are still hospitalized and the rest were treated.

“So far, good services have been provided to the pilgrims, no acute diseases have been observed, and most of the patients in IRCS medical centers complained muscle aches, blood pressure, and cold,” said Ali Torkan, responsible for IRCS medical center in Medina.

In total, 18 IRCS physicians, including general practitioners, internists, gynecologists, emergency medicine specialist, neurologists, as well as 6 female nurses are in Medina.

Furthermore, in Mecca, IRCS has provided five 24/7 cclinics and 80 medical offices to offer services to Iranian pilgrims.



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