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Role of Iranian Red Crescent in enriching youth leisure

Role of Iranian Red Crescent in enriching youth leisure

Any cost in the field of education and culture building is not expenditure but in fact it is an investment that sooner or later, community will benefit from it. For several continuous decades, the Iranian Red Crescent Society has its substantial activities in the field of relief and rescue trainings. 

Also, the Society is making its efforts to provide persons with comprehensive trainings to familiarise them with humanitarian activities, as well as education on the prevention of social harms, as an important initiative in the field of humanitarian education and culture building in the community.

Education for thirteen million school students together with four and a half million university students in Iran is a great capacity that could bring brighter future for Iran. Most of them which are several million students have long time leisure in the summer. 

The Iranian Red Crescent as a public institution could benefit from the students' holidays opportunity to render its relief and rescue, humanitarian and preventive trainings and familiarise these active groups of the community with the Red Crescent humanitarian mission and mandate.

The Iranian Red Crescent is organising various educational and recreational camps in different times in a year. Many experts believe that holding these camps in the holidays can be a great opportunity to draw the attention of young people to the activities of the Iranian Red Crescent. 

"Over many years of my experience in the Red Crescent youth activities, I get to this importance that results will be more appropriate when the youth trainings are in the youth camps." said Mr. Ali Asghar Aliabadi, Deputy Managing Director for Youth in Red Crescent provincial branch in Ilam.

The Iranian Red Crescent Society is a public institution that is developing its plans and programmes with humanitarian objectives. Mr. Mohammad Reza Arab, Deputy Managing Director for Youth in Red Crescent branch in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province believes that the summer holiday is a good opportunity to familiarise school and university students with the humanitarian activities.  

"Red Crescent Society must consider summer time which is leisure for young people as an opportunity to lead young people towards introduction to the humanitarian objectives of the Iranian Red Crescent," he also says.


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