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Volunteers Organisation

The Organisation was established in 1959 with the objective to materialise and promote the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, aiming at more and better coordination and consistency of National Society’s activities to recruit, organise and integrate the activities and volunteer services to support the affected and needy people and vulnerable groups.

From the very beginning, this organisation carried out valuable services such as taking care of orphans and affected children in disasters, collecting public donation and distribution among the affected people inside and outside the country.


The IRCS Volunteers Organisation is benefiting from the services of more than 360,000 volunteers across the country. It has two main duties of identifying and meeting the needs of vulnerable and affected people and utilising the voluntary services and support. In other words, Volunteers Organisation is the link between the needy and the capable people and groups.


First duty: Recruiting and organising volunteer human resources and public partnership, implementing cultural and promotional programs in order to promote humanitarian activities, to develop humanitarian and charitable services, identifying, calling on and recruiting volunteer human resources, organising members and volunteers, needs assessment and planning the training programs for the volunteers, implementing programs for volunteers integration and performing international plans and projects.


Second duty: Rendering supportive services to the affected and vulnerable people in normal and disaster situation.