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Red Crescent Responds to Hospital Wall Collapse in Rey


TEHRAN, Oct. 27 (IRCS) _ Red Crescent rendered relief services to the victims of a collapsed wall in an under-construction clinic in Kahrizak District, Rey County, Tehran Province.

At 10 a.m. (local time) on Saturday, October 27, while workers were working at a depth of 8 meters of Elham Charity Clinic, the wall of the clinic collapsed and the workers were trapped under debris.

“Red Crescent dispatched 4 operational teams as well as 2 sniffer dog teams from Rey, Tehran and Robat Karim Red Crescent branches,” said Hossein Ketabdar, managing director of Tehran provincial Red Crescent branch. “Arriving operational and assessment teams, it became clear that some of the workers had been trapped under debris.”

Quickly, a 6-hour relief operation started with the participation of Red Crescent and other relief organizations. After a few hours, 4 workers were recovered, 3 received outpatient treatment services, and one was transported to a nearby medical center.

With the participation of the fire department, 5 other were recovered from under debris who had lost their lives.