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Medical Procurement Organisation

Affiliated to the Iranian Red Crescent, Medical Procurement Organisation (MPO) was founded in 1955 with the aim of providing required medicines and medical equipment for hospitals and IRCS’s medical centres. According to MPO’s statute approved by IRCS’s supreme council, this organisation is playing an active and leading role in pharmaceutical and medical equipment fields in the country. MPO has been succeeded in facilitating the work within all parts of the Society to address the pharmaceutical and medical needs of the vulnerable people.

MPO has endeavoured to provide assistance without any discrimination on nationality, race, religion beliefs, class, or political opinions. MPO encompasses several associated companies which have aims to assist, diminish, and relieve the misery of disease and calamity in a systematic approach.

The main activities of MPO are as follows:

1. Providing required medicines, medical equipments, and food and dietary supplements

2. Developing and establishing new pharmaceutical and medical equipment sections

3. Taking agency and becoming exclusive agent of domestic and foreign companies in pharmaceutical and medical equipment fields

4. Assisting in any kind of pharmaceutical and medical activities deemed suitable and effective for communities' health


Associated companies:

1. Helal Iran Medical Equipment Co.

2. SOHA Pharmaceutical Co.

3. SOHA Jissa Plantation, Industries and Herbal Medicines Processing Co.

4. SOHA Helal Distribution Co.

5. Sohakish Commercial Co.

Helal Iran Medical Equipment Company holds the first place in producing syringes and haemodialysis disposable equipments in Iran. Amongst over 200 pharmaceutical companies, SOHA Pharmaceutical Company holds the 31st place in producing medicines in Iran. In the field of distribution, SOHA Helal Distribution Company holds the 15th place amongst 80 companies.