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Medical Procurement Organisation

With the aim of provision the medicine and medical Equipment required by hospitals and Remedial centers of Red Crescent Society has began its activity from 1955.

Rendering best services to the people, its to 60 years in which M.P.O as one of the Medicinal, Medical Equipment and Medicinal Plants Holding companies has an effective role in community’s health.


Purpose of the Establishment:

As per M.P.O s statute approved by supreme council of the IRCS, the objective of establishment of this Organization has been stated as leading pertinent activities to pharmaceutical affairs, medical devices and managment level.


Activities of the Organization:

1. Provision of required medicines.

2. Provision of Pharmaceutical raw materials, Food & Dietary compliments and Medical   Equipments for affiliated Factories.

3. Establishment, development and inauguration of Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment new sections. 

4. Implementing research, Technical, Engineering, services activities in society s health   section.

5. Taking representation from domestic & foreign companies in Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment field.

6. Participation in plans and stocks of the companies pertinent with the subject of activity.

7. Any kind of activity which deemed suitable and effective for society s health.


Affiliated Companies of MPO:

  • Soha Pharmaceutical Co. 
  • Producer of the medicine in three parts: Solids, Liquids and Antibiotics. 
  • Helal Iran Medical Devices Co.
  • Manufacturer of disposable medical equipments in Iran. 
  • Soha Kish Commercial Co.
  • Supplier and importer of special medicine in the country.
  • Soha Helal Distribution Co.
  • Supply and distributer of medicines and medical equipment across the country.
  • Iranian RCS’s specialty and super specialty (singled-prescribed) drugstores 
  • Supply and distribute specialty and single-prescribed medicine.