International Affairs and IHL Division

The International Affairs and International Humanitarian Law Division of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is under the management of IRCS Secretary General. The Division has three Departments with the following offices:

1. Department of International Humanitarian Programs and Operations

It consists of three offices: (a) International Operations; (b) Development Programs and Medical Centres Abroad; (c) Tracing and Restoring Family Links

2. Department of Protocol and International Communications

It consists of four offices: (a) Public Administration, International Achieve and Documents; (b) International Events and Protocols (c) International Communications and Reporting (d) Translation

3. Department of Law, Principles and IHL

It consists of three offices: (a) Principles and Rules of the Movement; (b) Humanitarian Diplomacy and International Relations; (c) Secretariat of the National Committee for Humanitarian Law (NCHL).

The Division strives to create an appropriate and effective context that synthesises multiple ways for developing programmes of IRCS at international settings, coordinating the despatch of IRCS cash and in-kind humanitarian donations, deploying Red Crescent relief and rescue workers and healthcare personnel for international operations, coordinating and implementing international trainings, plans and programmes, tracing services, organisational development, as well as managing FDRS and OCAC by sharing information and knowledge.

This Division is also working to ensure the promotion of IHL and humanitarian values, organising training workshops and international events in country and facilitate the participation of IRCS senior managers and experts in different occasions globally, providing advice to the governance and management body of the Iranian Red Crescent for supporting decision making by top official of the National Society, presenting at international conferences and Statutary Meetings and coordination for participation as well as sharing and exchanging policies and guidelines of the International Movement and the International Federation to IRCS authorities and other Departments and Organisations.