During the meeting, which was held in the presence of Dr, Mahmoud Reza Peyravi, IRCS Secretary General, Mr, Glass said: “Community engagement and accountability will be led to stable programs and community-oriented, more resilience communities, more serious responsibilities to the community and enhancing confidence and trust in the society.”

Community engagement and accountability will be led to more resilience communities

Referring to the high volunteering capacity of the Iranian Red Crescent with 2 million volunteers, he added: “In fact, with this potential, Iranian Red Crescent is one of the Societies which is dependent on local communities and enjoys a considerable community engagement and accountability now.”

Meanwhile, it is intended that the resolution on “Movement wide Approach to Community Engagement and Accountability”, after Consultation with National Societies, will be approved by Movement Council of Delegates.

Furthermore, a two-day workshop entitled as “Community Engagement and Accountability” will be conducted by Mr, Glass to executive managers and desk officers of the Iranian Red Crescent on February 26-27.