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IRCS Launches EOC in Ilam

ILAM, Feb. 18, 2019 (IRCS) _ Iranian Red Crescent has inaugurated an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the western province of Ilam.

1 month ago

IRCS Launches EOC in Ilam

The center was launched in the presence of Ali Asghar Peyvandi, President of the Iranian Red Crescent (IRCS), on Sunday, February 17.

Furthermore, two rescue vehicles (type-2) were offered to the provincial branch of Red Crescent in Ilam, and construction operations for two relief warehouses kicked off in the province, too.

“Given Ilam’s specific climatic conditions as well as its being located on the Iraq route, Ilam needs special attention, and inauguration of this center in the province allows for digital connections with other centers across the country and even abroad,” said IRCS President.

Iran’s Ilam Province borders western Iraq.