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IRCS Loads 60 Tons of Medicine for Hajj

TEHRAN, 16 June 2019 (IRCS) – Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has loaded a 60-ton consignment of medicine and medical stuff destined for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to provide health services to Iranian pilgrims during the 2019 Pilgrimage.

6 months ago

IRCS Loads 60 Tons of Medicine for Hajj

Saudi Arabia has authorized IRCS to send medications since 19 June. Iranian Red Crescent has provided 400 medication items and a number of medical equipment to be sent to the Red Crescent clinics in Saudi Arabia, according to the pilgrims’ needs and their health-related issues in the preceding years.

Pilgrims are disallowed to take unauthorized medicines, including codeine and morphine, with them to Saudi Arabia.

“Red Crescent services in Hajj has reduced the death toll of Iranian pilgrims to half,” IRCS President Prof. Ali Assghar Peyvandi said at a gathering of Hajj health teams in Tehran on 15 June.

Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) will provide health services to the Hajj pilgrims this year in 131 clinics in Saudi hotels.

There is a physician for every 300 pilgrims, that is a physician per two caravans. Iranian Red Crescent will dispatch 550 physicians, paramedics, nurses, etc. to hajj for serving pilgrims.