The IRCS president’s message reads as follows:

“Congratulations to all of you, goodwill volunteers, self-denying relief workers, creative youths and assiduous directors and employees of the Iranian Red Crescent on the occasion of World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day; I implore God Almighty for your ever greater success.

The coincidence of the “Norouz Relief and Rescue Campaign” with “continuous operations in flood-hit provinces”, which still continue in several provinces, has added a special flavour to the Red Crescent Week of this year owing to the accomplishments you registered in the philanthropist history of the country in the latter weeks of the calendar year 97 (which ended on March 20, 2019) and in the first weeks of the year 98. These endeavours will serve as an example and source of honour for future generations of volunteers and aid workers.

As sanctions affect the humanitarian operations of the Red Crescent, you, rescuers, volunteers and youths of the Red Crescent, with great efforts and sublime capabilities, have compensated for the lack of certain relief items and have not allowed the fellow flood-stricken citizens be concerned or anxious about anything. You treated the victims of the crisis patiently, and you did not sacrifice altruism for fatigue, and the fruits of your good deeds have come out once again with your success in a great test by amplifying people’s trust in the Red Crescent so much so that the lion’s share of the people’s aid to the flood-hit citizens were entrusted to the Red Crescent.

Words have always failed to describe the greatness of the volunteers, aid workers, youths, employees and all members of the great Red Crescent family, and this time too. Today, the Esteemed Iranian President, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, inside a report on IRCS’s activities to respond to recent flash floods, has obliged me to convey to you, whom he described as “serving and brave”, his deepest respect. I, hereby, pay sincere homage to every single one of you and implore God Almighty for your health and success in your work and life.”