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IRCS President Calls for Renovation of Relief Helicopters

TEHRAN, 24 September 2019 (IRCS) – Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) president Ali Asghar Peyvandi has ordered that renovation, repair and troubleshooting of the Red Crescent’s relief helicopters should be seriously considered, given the impact of sanctions on the operation and maintenance of helicopters.

4 weeks ago

IRCS President Calls for Renovation of Relief Helicopters

In a letter to the IRCS Secretary General Mahmoud Reza Peyravi, IRCS President wrote: “Pursuant to previous and current reports and given the extent of the Society’s air relief operations in the past two years, particularly in Kermanshah earthquake and October floods, the exhaustion of the Red Crescent’s fleet of air relief is undeniable. No problems have been reported with daily activities but if there is an acute problem such as the previous major events, the functions of this fleet will certainly be disrupted and may not be as high-powered and effective as in previous crises. Therefore, efforts to renovate, repair and troubleshoot the fleet must be seriously considered.”

Dr, Peyvandi also emphasized that “since the repairs and purchasing parts for Red Crescent helicopters has been difficult due to the cruel US sanctions, either because of the lack of items being sold by some manufacturers or because of the difficulty in financial transactions, It is imperative to consult with experts on legal and find enforceable solutions to these problems and examine the internal capabilities and potentialities for provision of the items or repairing them domestically.”

Earlier this week, head of the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organisation’s air relief center said that six Red Crescent helicopters had been crippled because of lack of parts while the same scenario could be the case for 10 other helicopters.