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IRCS Representatives Voice Peace, Humanitarianism Message in RC/RC Int’l Youth Camp

TEHRAN, 11 August 2019 (IRCS) – Two members of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS)’ Youth Organisation participated in Red Cross/Red Crescent international youth camp in Turkey, reading a peace and humanitarianism message.

3 months ago

IRCS Representatives Voice Peace, Humanitarianism Message in RC/RC Int’l Youth Camp

Hadi Ahmadi, secretary of Red Crescent Youth Organization’s student club at Islamic Azad University of West Azarbaijan and Hossein Jafar Beiglu, secretary of students club at Payame Noor University represented IRCS in the camp, which was held in Heybeliada, Istanbul, from 1 to 8 August 2019.

The representatives introduced some of the IRCS Youth Organisation’s activities including Sahar Groups (organizing of psychological support of survivors of disasters) and Peyman National Plan (effective control of addiction), which sparked a lot of interest among the participants.

At the closing ceremony of the camp, IRCS was the only National Society which rendered a message on peace and humanitarianism.

A part of this message reads as follows: “We do not need any army and military forces in the world except a kind army. We are all born equal, with the same things as money, religion and race, distinguishing with things like money, religion and race. We have to come together with what we have in common. Love and affection are what we all need. We must help everyone and that is humanity. We want to live in the happiness of others, not their misery. There is a place in this world for everyone and rich land that can provide everyone’s needs.”

The aims of the camp included exchanging insights between Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ work and knowledge, realizing intercultural sharing, communication and learning as well as sharing projects.