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Malaysian Islamic Organisations Assist Iran Flood-hit People

TEHRAN, 10 May 2019 (IRCS) – Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisations, which consists of Malaysia Islamic non-governmental organisations, has provided 301 food parcels for flood-hit people in south of Iran.

2 months ago

Malaysian Islamic Organisations Assist Iran Flood-hit People

Travelling to Iran, delegates of the council visited flood-stricken regions, and purchased food items from the Iranian market for flood-affected people. The food parcels were distributed in flood-hit regions of the southwestern province of Khuzestan.

Turkey, Germany, Swiss, Kuwait, Japan, Armenia, Russia, France, Azerbaijan, Oman, South Korea, Georgia, India, Czech, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Austria, China, Slovakia and Malaysia have so far sent in-kind aids to Iran to support the affected people by March floods.

According to the Iranian Red Crescent, Iranians inside the country have donated RIs. 1,580 billion (nearly 38 million US dollars) to the flood-affected people through the Red Crescent bank account and payment code.

Because of the US sanctions, no channel has yet been opened for the Iranian Red Crescent to receive foreign cash contributions.