Medical Procurement Organisation

Medical Procurement Organisation (MPO) of the IRCS was established in 1955 under the name of “Therapeutic Procurement Organisation” with the aim of providing medicines and medical supplies for the IRCS hospitals and clinics, which in 2002, entered into the name of “Medical Procurement Organisation”.

MPO is also a financial auxiliary source of the IRCS, on one side, and a component of health provision, protection and promotion of the community, on the other side, with the cooperation of Iran Ministry of Health.

It now owns and runs several factories as follows:

  1. Medical disposable equipment and supplies factory
  2. Pharmaceutical factories
  3. Herbal medicine processing factory
  4. Remedial production factory
  5. Therapeutic services centre
  6. Health drugstores
  7. Specialised and ad hoc drugstores

Since its establishment, MPO has been remarkably active in producing medical supplies, disposable materials and herbal productions which has brought it to an internationally recognized stance, and through its activities abroad while cooperating with leading pharmaceutical companies, presents high quality medical and medicine supplies to the market via its drugstores and other reliable centres.

The major objectives of MPO include:

  1. Conveying technology and production of specialised medicines and medical equipment at the service of IRCS humanitarian activities,
  2. Strategic participation with domestic and foreign companies in the context of production of new medicines,
  3. Improving exports and entering into global markets by applying available opportunities,
  4. Enhancing medicine delivery network for revision of approaching indexes and providing for public,
  5. Expanding production of herbal medicines specially in the field of traditional medicine,
  6. Developing communications with universities with the aim of changing knowledge to technology,
  7. Implementing permanent researches for achieving new technologies with cooperation of universities and research centres.

The works and worthwhile services of MPO can be counted as:

  1. Strategic operation along with effective role or providing humanitarian services during 8 years of Iran-Iraq war such as dispatching medicine and medical equipment, forwarding medical technicians and providing medicine for the hospitals and clinics throughout the country,
  2. Swift response at times of disasters within and outside of the country in rendering related services,
  3. Involving in promotion of community health by providing services in medical emergencies, medicine provision and distribution when needed. Protective role in rendering relief services to war stricken countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, etc.