Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) launches National Summer Relief and Rescue Plan every year. This summer, IRCS relief workers and rescuers have carried out 10,195 relief operations across the country, saving 8,568 affected people in road, sea and mountain incidents.

‎According to the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organisation, most of the Red Crescent operations included mountain disasters (%55), followed by Road and sea disasters, 49 and 5 per cent, respectively.

Relief workers also transported 5,655 injured people to nearby medical centers. Furthermore, 10,707 affected people received outpatient services and 730 were provided with shelter services.

Iranian Red Crescent has provided 559 fixed posts and 729 temporary ones to serve the people or travellers affected by disasters during the summer. The plan will run until 22 September.

Red Crescent calls on people to contact IRCS emergency number (112–Relief Voice) if they are at risk of natural or manmade disasters. 112 emergency number can be contacted even without a SIM card.