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180 international humanitarian consignments delivered to IRCS last calendar year

TEHRAN, 21 March 2020 (IRCS) – Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) President Dr Karim Hemmati said that 180 international consignments entered the country during the last Iranian calendar year and were distributed among the people affected with Covid-19.

IRCS president visited the Relief and Rescue Organization on the first day of the new Iranian calendar year on March 21.

During the visit, he said: “In total, 100 charities have good cooperation with the Society. Furthermore, the International Division collected foreign aid during the year. 180 international consignments entered the country and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and with the help of non-governmental organizations, donors and volunteers, were distributed among the people affected with Covid-19,"

He referred to measures of the Organization, saying: “Relief and Rescue Organization carried out notable activities in the last year including strengthening relief warehouses, logistics and air rescue operations”

According to the IRCS president, last year, 6,000 tents of the Red Crescent were used in various disasters while less than 20 to 30 percent had been replaced so far.

Dr Hemmati also said that the Iranian Red Crescent has made good efforts in the fields of public training.

Noting the establishment of Khaneyeh Helal (literally Red Crescent Houses) in the country, IRCS president said that more than 4,500 of these houses had been opened across the country and relief equipment had been deployed there.

Iranian Red Crescent plans to open 38,000 Khaneyeh Helal in remote areas especially in villages.

Khaneyeh Helal is a center which offers all of the Red Crescent services on a smaller scale.

Today, IRCS President also visited a Red Crescent relief post in Tehran-Qom Highway as well as a Red Crescent relief warehouse in Malard County in Karaj province, next to the capital Tehran.