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Ghana appreciates IRCS Humanitarian Services to needy

ACCRA, 18 January 2021 (IRCS) - Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) ‎President Dr Karim Hemmati met with Ghana’s Minister of Health Kwaku ‎Agyemang Manu in Accra on January 18, discussing rendering medical services to ‎patients in IRCS polyclinic in the African country.‎

“It is 30 years that the Iranian Red Crescent renders humanitarian services in Ghana and the services are in line with humanitarian objectives to needy people,” said IRCS president.

“Iranian Red Crescent as a humanitarian organization offers various services in relief and rescue, responding to disasters, health, treatment and rehabilitation, youth, volunteers as well as production of medical equipment,” added Hemmati.

The Minister of Health of Ghana stated that the President and the people of this country were grateful for the services of the Iranian Red Crescent.

“We are interested in cooperating with the Iranian Red Crescent Society in the fields of education, especially the training of doctors and nurses,”

Kwaku Agyemang Manu also appreciated IRCS services in Ghana, saying: “We have benefited from the services of the Iranian Red Crescent Society since past, especially during the corona outbreak, and the needy people of our country can always use the health and medical services of Iran.”

Referring to signing an MOU between the Iranian Red Crescent and the Health Ministry as well as the Red Cross of Ghana in 2014 for 10 years, the two sides dicussed rendering services to needy patients, educational and treatment projects, etc.

IRCS polyclinic in Ghana enjoys various wards including radiology, physiotherapy, laboratory and pharmacy and physicians along with Gynecology, Internship, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology and dentistry to serve the patients.

Iranian Red Crescent president also visited the IRCS polyclinic in Accra and viewed conditions of the patients and talked to the staff.

The IRCS president visits to Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Ghana was to interact with government officials and staff of the Iranian Red Crescent’s health centers on the various projects implemented, discuss challenges, and to sketch a roadmap on how to ensure access to quality health care facilities for vulnerable communities.



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