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ICRC appreciates IRCS Humanitarian activities in Khorasan Razavi

‎ Mashhad, 8 March 2021 (IRCS) - International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Delegation in Iran seeks more collaboration with Khorasan Razavi provincial branch in rehabilitation sector, an official with ICRC said.

During a meeting which was held between Mojtaba Ahmadi, managing director of the Khorasan Razavi Red Crescent provincial branch, and Daniel Munoz-Rojas, Acting head of ‎International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Delegation in Tehran, the two sides explored avenues of cooperation.

“We consider this province as our home and appreciate the effective and complete cooperation of Khorasan Razavi Red Crescent in implementation of mine awareness and restoring family links,” said Mr Munoz-Rojas.

He also asked for cooperation in the rehabilitation field in Golshahr area, Mashhad, capital of the eastern province of Kharasan Razavi.

Iranian Red Crescent Society and the International Committee of the Red Cross have been working together for years in Khorasan Razavi supporting Afghan immigrants.

Referring to mine awareness courses which are held for Afghan immigrants in Dogharoon border, acting head of ICRC Delegation in Tehran called on the Iranian Red Crescent to assist ICRC in humanitarian activities as in the past as a powerful arm of the International Committee of the Red Cross.