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IRCS, IFRC Presidents reviews future Cooperation

Cairo (IRCS) – The President of the International Federation of the Red Cross ‎and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) appreciated the Iranian Red Crescent ‎Society (IRCS) for establishing “Red Crescent Houses” (Helal Houses) in ‎villages and deprived areas of cities and planning for building “Training Town” ‎to train responding to the disasters.‎

On the sideline of MENA Humanitarian Leadership Conference in Cairo, Egypt, the IRCS President Pir Hossein Kolivand met with the IFRC President Francesco Rocca.

“The Iranian Red Crescent plans to train people dealing with disasters for all age groups in a simulated manner by establishing a "training town" and to provide this opportunity for the region's National Societies in a virtual or face-to-face manner,” said IRCS President.

He also calls for the IFRC President to support the Society for building this town.

Referring to the IRCS cooperation with universities in Iran, Mr Kolivand considered it as a reason for the scientific view of the Iranian Red Crescent on issues related to the missions of the Red Crescent, which makes the strategies of the Iranian Red Crescent be prepared and designed in a scientific way.

Furthermore, the IRCS President said that the Society was ready to support Ukranian civilians through sending medicine items and relief and medical teams to establish a field hospital.

Emphasizing the international missions of the Iranian Red Crescent, Kolivand stressed the importance of taking care of non-Iranians in our country.

Referring to five million Afghan asylum seekers who live in Iran, he said that helping the lives and health of these migrants by specialized young people and volunteers of the Iranian Red Crescent is one of the priorities of the Iranian Red Crescent. Services to them are not limited to inoculation of the corona vaccine and continue in other areas such as the distribution of livelihoods.

IFRC supports IRCS training plan

For his part, welcoming the building a training town by the Iranian Red Crescent, the IFRC president said: “This is a great opportunity for other Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to be familiar with the concepts of disaster management and to deal with flood, earthquake and other disaster management."

Mr Roca expressed optimism that IFRC would support the construction of this training town.

He also praised the high number of volunteers in the Iranian Red Crescent, saying: “The high number of volunteers in the Iranian Red Crescent shows that the increase in volunteers and young members can create a good opportunity for the Iranian Red Crescent and the International Federation to be a successful model of volunteering in the world. If a Society fails to recruit young people, it is a dead Society and will not be successful in its activities.”