IRCS, Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation launches Yas Scheme

TEHRAN, 11 November 2020 (IRCS) – Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) and ‎Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation ‎have begun the national Yas Plan (literally Fighting Maladies) jointly with the ‏aim of reducing and preventing social harms‎.‎

The plan was officially inaugurated via video conference in the presence of Dr ‎Karim Hemmati, President of the Iranian Red Crescent, and Seyyed Morteza ‎Bakhtiari, Head of the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, on November 9.‎

In this plan, the Iranian Red Crescent will educate deprived and underprivileged ‎people covered by Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation. The people will be ‎educated in cultural, psychology and social areas and will learn skills of dealing ‎with crises and natural disasters. ‎

Youth Organization of the Iranian Red Crescent participated in Yas plan and ‎trainings will be rendered at Khaneyeh Helal (literally Red Crescent House).

 The Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation is an Iranian charitable organization, founded in March 1979 to provide support for poor families. The aim is to help such families regain financial stability.


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