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IRCS to continue humanitarian services in Sierra Leone ‎

FREETOWN, 16 January 2021 (IRCS) - Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) will continue its ‎humanitarian services in the Society’s ‎health center in Sierra Leone, said the IRCS President.‎

Following his visit to Africa, President of the Iranian Red Crescent Dr Karim Hemmati met ‎with President of the Sierra Leone Red Cross Christian Fayia on Saturday and visited the ‎Iranian Red Crescent's medical center in the capital, Freetown.‎

IRCS president said that the Society could enhance its services in Sierra Leone and train ‎volunteers and staff of the Sierra Leone Red Cross through IFRC.‎

Sierra Leone Red Cross President praised the Iranian Red Crescent's assistance in medical and ‎treatment areas which are rendered to patients in Iranian Red Crescent's health center in Freetown.‎

During his visit to the Red Crescent clinic in Freetown, IRCS president visited ‎various parts of the center and conversed with the center's physicians. Dr Hemmati also considered ‎‎‎development of services to patients as well as expansion of the center‎ in the ‎meeting with officials of the IRCS health center.‎

Iranian Red Crescent's health center has been providing medical services in one of the poorest ‎parts of the capital, Freetown, since 2003‎‏.‏