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IRCS President Congratulates 2021‎

TEHRAN, 01 January 2021 (IRCS) - In a message, President of the Iranian ‎Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Dr Karim ‎Hemmati congratulated the New Year ‎to National Societies, expressing ‎optimism that in 2021 the National Sicities ‎would be a message of hope and relief to those in need.‎

The full message of IRCS president reads as follows:

A challenging year ended and we step in 2021 holding last year valuable experience. In the coming year, we will be more dedicated and committed to the vulnerable groups in our humanitarian missions, since Covid19 brought about the unpredictability of not only natural disasters but a pandemic capable of wondering human beings. The availability and readiness of the volunteers thus is a necessity we must be aware of in order to ensure rendering humanitarian services to the crisis-affected individuals through their capacities and resource mobilization.

Corona, climate change, migration, conflicts and disease outbreaks remain the key challenges shouldering on the Red Cross Red Crescent family, as the strong global humanitarian network, since the impacts of such crises could be lessened, on the other side resiliency of the communities could be improved. The RCRC Movement can be the true example of humanitarian inspiration in alleviating human sufferings.

The National Societies as a family can definitely bring bright days by supporting each other and unity in the year ahead.

I would like to espress my warm gratitude to the volunteers and relief workers of the National Societies who devoted themselves in fighting against Covid19.

I wish the new year will bring a message of hope ‎and relief to those in need with our firm steps.


Dr Karim Hemmati


Iranian Red Crescent Society