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IRCS Volunteers with Covid-19 patients in Winter Solstice

TEHRAN, 21 December 2020 (UIRCS) - Iranian Red Crescent volunteers appreciated National Health Service (NHS) in "Shab-e Yalda" (literally winter solstice).

Every year, Iranians mark winter solstice, the night of December 20th, as the longest night of the year.

This year, winter solstice was different for all Iranians, including the medical staff in hospitals, due to the outbreak of coronavirus,

"Nurses and medical staff have been defending the health of the Iranian people for more than 10 months and have been in the forefront of the fight against corona. Many of them have long been barred from seeing their families." said Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ghosian Moghaddam, Secretary-General of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS).

For this reason, hundreds of the IRCS volunteers and youth members attended the country’s hospitals and honored doctors, nurses and medical staff, observing health protocols. They also met patients with Covid-19.

The plan was implemented in at least one hospital in each city and in more than 400 hospitals across the country.