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IRCS to bolster Health Services, Overseas, home

TEHRAN, 26 January 2021 (IRCS) - Iranian Red Crescent president said that in the field of treatment and rehabilitation, the Society was focused on bolstering its domestic and overseas health centers, hospitals as well as sending medicine to its centers abroad.

Visiting the Iranian Red Crescent’s Health, Treatment, Rehabilitation Division in Tehran on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, Dr Karim Hemmati appreciated the efforts of all the Division’s staff, saying: “Treatment and rehabilitation is a very valuable work in the country and considering the Red Crescent background, with a stronger entry in this field, it will be more popular than ever among the people,”

IRCS president visits Health, Treatment, Rehabilitation Division of the Society

IRCS president visits Health, Treatment, Rehabilitation Division of the Society

Photo: Mohammad Javadzadeh


Referring to his recent visits to three African countries where Iranian Red Crescent renders health services, Hemmati added: “Societies of Ghana and Ivory Coast are seeking medical and treatment services from the Iranian Red Crescent but there is a need for more control over these centers."

The IRCS president visited the Society’s health centers in Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Ghana in January, reviewing the centers and holding meetings with minister of health of the countries and his counterparts.

Iranian Red Crescent’s health centers render humanitarian services in thirteen countries of Asia, Africa and South America.

In 2018, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) accepted the Iranian Red Crescent qualifications to join IFRC's Emergency Response Unit (ERU) Search Capacity to participate in the IFRC International Disaster Response Program.

Furthermore, Iranian Red Crescent enjoys 31 Basic Health Care Unit (BHCU), 20 Rapid Deployment Hospital (RDH) and four hospitals at home.

The Society has 63 physiotherapy centers, 35 occupational therapy centers, 34 speech therapy centers and 10 audiometry centers.


Main Photo: IRCS Polyclinic in Accra, Ghana



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