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IRCS to hold int'l Poetry, Photo Art Festival

TEHRAN, 3 April 2021 (IRCS) - The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) plans to hold the first International Poetry and Photo Art Festival named “Rescue Mothers” in April 2021.

The festival’s themes include “saving the humanity from crises with emphasizing on the role of women”, “women role in reducing of human suffering and community resilience”, “the important role of women in promoting the culture of non-violence”, “promoting peace, ethics and humanity with emphasizing on the women role”, “psychological support to women and mothers who are victims of conflict”.

Participants could send their art works in the field of poem and photo in Persian, English and Arabic together with their e-mail address, phone number and nationality to the email address:

The deadline for submitting works and registration is 20 April 2021.

Works selection will commence on 7th April 2021. The festival opening date is 9th April 2021. The exhibition opening date is 13 April 2021.

 Taking part in Poetry Competition, participants consider follow items:

- All artworks should be in accordance with festival themes.

- The poems could be in all poetic genres/formats. 

- Poems should be composed in Persian, Arabic and English.

- Each poet can submit maximum 5 works.

- The poem should necessarily be composed by the poet.

- The festival secretariat is allowed to publish the submitted poems as a book or other publications. 

- The poems should be sent in “Word” format.

- Each poet should definitely mention the name, nationality, telephone number and e-mail address under all the poems.

Taking part in Photo Competition, participants consider follow items:

- Receiving the photos related to the Festival Theme taken by the professional camera and/or mobile.

- It is allowed to partially edit of the works (Light, color and contrast).

-Maximum of 10 photos are accepted.

-The professional photos should be at least in the JPG format and with quality of at least 300 dpi and 30*45 cm.

- The submitted photos file should be included the photographer name, place and -date of photography. (Photographer name is written in Persian and English).

Applicants should fill the participation form which is considered as an acceptance of the festival’s terms and conditions. Decision-making on the unforeseen events will be made by the Festival Secretariat.

The Festival Secretariat is allowed to use the photos and publish them via various formats in publications and festival related matter.

The received photos should not contain any watermarks or markings as a photographer title or display.

The photos must belong to the photographer; otherwise, they should be omitted from the festival.

If possible, a book of the selected photos (works has been sent to the exhibition) will be published by the Festival Secretariat.

Photos must not have any watermark or subtitle of the photographer's name and each photographer must send an email-address, phone number, postal address, national number and title of the photos.

The exhibition of the selected works will be held according to the pandemic situation.

Awards of the festivals for the first three winners include:

Festival statue, Honorary Diploma and Appreciation Plate, Honorary membership in Iranian Red Crescent Society, Cultural Gifts.