IRCS wraps up medical Services in Beirut

BEIRUT, 21 August 2020 (IRCS) - Iranian Red Crescent concluded its medical ‎services in the Society's Rapid Deployment Hospital (RDH) in Beirut, ‎Lebanon, on Friday, having rendered health and treatment services to 3,500 ‎injured people in the huge Beirut blast‏.‏

A number of patients underwent surgery at the IRCS field hospital. Many of the injured in the Beirut port explosion were also dressed and treated, said Mohammad Bagher Mohammadi, Manager of the IRCS’ Rapid Deployment Hospital in Beirut.

He thanked the Iranian Red Crescent President Dr Karim Hemmati for immediately planning to set up the field hospital, and expressed gratitude towards the physicians and nurses who were dispatched from Iran to help the injured people in Lebanon and provide medical services to the people of Beirut which resulted in the satisfaction of the residents of Beirut.


Photos: Mohammad Javadzadeh / IRCS



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