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Iranian Red Crescent Humanitarian Consignment Arrives in Lebanon

Beirut, 06 August 2020 (IRCS) - The first consignment of humanitarian relief ‎and medical items of the Iranian Red ‎Crescent Society (IRCS) arrived in Beirut, ‎Lebanon.‎

Dr Farid Moradian, IRCS’ Under Secretary General for Health, Treatment, ‎Rehabilitation Division, met with Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon ‎Mohammad Jalal Firouznia after delivering the consignment.‎

Mr Firouznia said that Lebanon’s health minister appreciated Iranian Red ‎Crescent’s aid in the first hours after Beirut explosion.‎

Karim Hemmati, IRCS President, had a phone conversation with the Lebanon Red Cross secretary general on Wednesday saying the Iranian Red Crescent was ready to help injured people in the Beirut explosion which killed dozens and inured hundreds of people.

The Iranian Red Crescent’s consignment includes 2,000 food parcels and 95 tons of food items as well as medicine and medical equipment.