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Red Crescent’s Mandates in Disasters

TEHRAN, 21 November 2021 (IRCS) – Providing shelter and emergency food after disaster to the affected people is a mandate for the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS). Here we glance at the Society’s relief operation during disasters.

Three types of relief items are stored in the Society’s warehouses to be used in disasters. The first category includes livelihood items such as tents, blankets, mats, kitchen sets and heating appliances. The second category includes food items such as 24-hour, 72-hour and one-month food parcels and the third category includes health items.

Mahdi Valipour, Head of the IRCS’ Relief and Rescue Organization says:“Red Crescent’s warehouses are 70 percent ready to provide tents. Other items can be provided up to 50 percent,”

“Due to having expiration date, food and hygiene items are provided to be used till the end of the year if needed and parts of them are used in disasters too.”

The inventories of the provinces and branches are constantly checked. Relief storage is provided in the counties equivalent to two percent and in the provincial capitals equal to one percent of their population.

When the expiration date of food items is close and no disaster occurs, the Iranian Red Crescent uses them in its voluntary plans in deprived areas of the country. 

According to Valipour, the mandate of the Red Crescent in disasters is providing shelter and emergency food, which lasts up to one month after the incidents. For this reason, tents are distributed among the affected people to control the crisis. 

Households whose homes are uninhabitable and between 80 and 100 percent destroyed need tents, but the expectation is that all areas affected by the earthquake will receive tents.

Head of the IRCS’ Relief and Rescue Organization called people to cooperate with relief workers when relief items are distributed among the affected households after a disaster in order to manage the crisis properly.


Photo: Mohammad Javadzadeh (IRCS)IRCS aid workers are carrying a tent to set it up in a rural area after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake ‎struck the ‎city of Fin in southern province of Hormozgan on 15 November 2021.