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Red Crescent Appreciates Pilots participating in Relief Operations in Tehran ‎Heights

TEHRAN, 11 January 2021 (IRCS) - Iranian Red Crescent appreciated its ‎pilots who participated in relief operations in Tehran heights through the ‎Society’s rescue helicopter in late December.‎

In the last week of December, snowstorms affected parts of Iran, including Iranian capital Tehran. Red Crescent teams could find 11 dead ‎bodies of missing climbers in the northern heights of Tehran during three days ‎of search operations. Also, 14 climbers were saved.

In a meeting of the deputies council of the Relief and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), which was held on January 10, the Red Crescent pilots were appreciated.



In the meeting, Captain Cheraqi, Head of Air Relief Center of the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organisation said: “The disaster of December 25 stretched from Tochal to Ahar heights and was one of the rare incidents in years. Despite all this, the relief operation continued nonstop for 3 days and nights.

In this disaster, the Red Crescent used one of its helicopters which played a key role to accelerate the relief operation.

Furthermore, Captain Nattaj, one of the pilots who participated in the operation, said: “What is seen in Iranian pilots is the double courage, bravery and sacrifice so they are always present at the heart of great disasters.”

At the end of the meeting, Mehdi Valipour, Head of the Relief and Rescue Organisation appreciated five pilots and flight team who were present in relief operation in the northern Tehran heights on December 25.