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Red Crescent Distributes WFP Aid

ZAHEDAN (IRCS) - The food parcels donated by the World Food Programme (WFP) were distributed to needy people in the eastern province of Sistan and Balucheastan.

The 450 parcels which contain rice, tea, canned food, sugar, salt and lentil were distributed in deprived areas of Nimrooz, Chabahar and Zabol counties by the Sistan and Balucheastan Red Crescent provincial branch.

The Red Crescent is concerned about the livelihood of the needy due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, which has seriously damaged some jobs and professions.

For this purpose, identifying the needy and preserving the dignity of the families who receive these parcels is one of the important priorities of the Iranian Red Crescent, and efforts are being made to distribute these livelihood parcels in deprived and less privileged areas.