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Red Crescent Marks 1990 Roudbar-Manjil Earthquake

TEHRAN, 20 June 2020 (IRCS) - On the 30th anniversary of Roudbar and Manjil earthquake, the Iranian Red Crescent held an earthquake preparation maneuver in Shahmirzad County, Iran’s central province of Semnan, with an imaginary 6.6 magnitude.

The drill started at 17:50 (local time) in the presence of Karim Hemmati, President of the Iranian Red Crescent.

After announcing the maneuver, Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) in Relief and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent and Semnan province immediately convened a virtual meeting with the members of Red Crescent crisis management headquarters in 31 provinces.

Furthermore, six assessment teams from Semnan, Tehran and Mazandaran Red Crescent provincial branch were dispatched to the scene.

The 1990 Manjil-Rudbar earthquake occurred on June 21 at 00:30:14 local time in northern Iran, killing more than 37,000 and leaving 60,000 injured people and displacing around 500,000 others.