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Rescuers find body of teenager missed in Ardabil flood

ARDABIL, 15 July 2020 (IRCS) – The body of one of the two teenagers missing in the flood was found by rescuers in Ardabil.

At 19:05 (local time) on Tuesday, July 14, heavy rain and flooding led to the disappearance of two teenagers in Taghi Dizag village, 27 km in Ardabil-Moghan road, Ardabil County.

Following reports of the incident, four teams from the Red Crescent including 12 relief workers and rescuers with relief vehicles, three rapid response teams and a sniffing dog team were dispatched to the area.

After hours of search for finding the missing people, body of one of them was found by the Red Crescent rescuers.

Searches continue to find the body of the other victim.