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UPDATED/ Red Crescent saves 14 climbers in Tehran Heights in Critical Weather Conditions

TEHRAN, 27 December 2020 (IRCS) – Red Crescent teams have saved 14 climbers in Tehran heights after a number of climbers got stuck in snow and blizzard.

Since last Thursday, December 25, Iran Meteorological Organization has warned of snow and avalanche in Tehran heights. Furthermore, Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation called on people not to climb the heights of Tehran.

On Friday, after snowstorm and stormy weather was reported from Kolak Chal mountain peak in northern Tehran, Red Crescent teams transported to the region and could hardly reach the heights.

“The relief workers found that two people had lost their lives. Also, two injured people, one of whom was in critical conditions, were delivered to EMS,” said Shahin Fathi, Managing Director of Tehran provincial Red Crescent branch.

Relief teams were in Kolak chal by 9 p.m (local time) but due to severe cold and the possibility of an accident for rescuers did not allow relief teams to advance further, but the rescue operation was resumed from Saturday morning in coordination with the Climbing federation teams.

So far, the families of 16 climbers who had climbed the heights of Tehran have contacted the Red Crescent. The cell phone numbers of the climbers have been given to Telecommunications for tracking.

The Red Crescent teams also have had rescue operations in Shirpala, northern Tehran, Ahar and Darabad regions villages north of Tehran.

According to Fathi, Red Crescent relief workers have managed to save 14 climbers.

Official reports show that 9 climbers lost their lives in the avalanche (7 in Kolak Chal, one in Ahar, one in hospital) and two climbers are missing as Red Crescent teams continue searching.

20 teams of Red Crescent consisting of 100 rescuers and relief workers as well as 9 sorties by Red Crescent helicopters have carried out relief and rescue operations to save the climbers.