MENA Meeting: IRCS President Outlines Society Activities to Fight Covid-19 ‎

TEHRAN, 14 May 2020 (IRCS) - Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) President Dr ‎Karim Hemmati outlined the Society’s activities during the Covid-19 outbreak in ‎the country in the meeting of the leaders of National Red and Cross and Red ‎Crescent Societies of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Arab ‎Red Crescent And Red Cross Organization (ARCO).‎

The meeting was held online and the IRCS president delivered a report on the Iranian Red Crescent activities since the Covid-19 emerged in the country.

Dr Hemmati referred to online, face-to-face and briefing trainings as well as activities of 3,000 doctors, nurses and paramedic volunteers of the IRCS at 4030 Call Service to answer people’s questions regarding Covid-19, and added: “At present, the operations of the Iranian Red Crescent Society are focused on public training and continue to inform the people to stay at home and follow health tips.”

He also said that the IRCS volunteers and staff screened and checked 21 million of people and passengers for the Coronavirus at the entrance and exits of the Iranian cities.

IRCS president said that the National Society had served Covid-19 patients in need of care in the recovery phase in six provinces crowded with patients.

According to the IRCS president, four staff and volunteers of the Iranian Red Crescent had so far lost their lives while serving the patients with Covid-19; moreover, 21 staff of the IRCS clinics and 30 volunteers have contracted the virus on duty.



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