Austrian Ambassador to Iran meets IRCS President

TEHRAN, 22 July 2020 (IRCS) - Stefan Scholz, Austrian Ambassador to Iran, met with the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS)’s President Karim Hemmati, discussing cooperation especially in relief and rescue areas.

In the meeting held at the IRCS Peace Building in July 22, Dr Hemmati appreciated Austria’s humanitarian aids to the Iranian flood-affected families in the country’s widespread flash floods in 2019, adding that Austria could help Iran in coronavirus pandemic through providing ventilators for patients with Covid-19.

Referring to the MOU between the Iranian Red Crescent and the Austrian Red Cross which expired in the current year, IRCS president said: “We are ready to sign a new memorandum of understanding between the two Societies.”

Mr Hemmati also criticized the sanctions, saying: “Drugs and medical devices have always been exempt from sanctions, but unfortunately this principle is obviously not being followed at the moment.”

For his part, Austrian Ambassador to Iran praised the Iranian Red Crescent’s efforts for mitigation of coronavirus consequences in the country.

Referring to the historical relations between Iran and Austria, Mr Scholz assured that a new memorandum of understanding between the Austrian Red Cross and the Iranian Red Crescent Society would be signed soon.

Considering joint training courses between Iranian and Austrian relief workers in the past, Austrian Ambassador to Iran expressed hope these courses would continue in the future.


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