IRCS Launches new Emergency Messaging App

Qom, 26 July 2020 (IRCS) - Iranian Red Crescent has launched a messaging application to call aid workers in the fastest time with the least error when an emergency happens.

The system was launched during IRCS President Karim Hemmati’s trip to Qom.

Red Crescent’s Emergency Operational Centres (EOC) use old methods to call operational teams and aid workers after happening disasters and natural crisis, which is very time consuming and costs much while the messaging app can call 100 rescuers every second.

In designing and production of this messaging application important points have been observed, such as Android 4 and above operating systems, low volume of application, very low battery consumption, simple, dynamic and user-friendly environment, working with all cellphone operators, notifying the phone in all silent modes, vibration and low volume.

In this application, an attempt has been made to send an operational call to 4,000 aid workers, rescuers and personnel in less than 5 to 10 minutes if the telecommunication platform is established, and to receive feedback on its presence automatically and online.

This application can send a variety of alarms including red alert (alarm should be continuous and not interrupted), orange alert (25 seconds), yellow alert (15 seconds), weather alert (15 seconds), voice message (5 seconds) and public messages (5 seconds). However, in various climatic conditions, the system has the ability to send SMS to the inactive operator and the message can be sent only online to reduce the cost of sending.


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