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IRCS launches several relief and health centers in Iran

IRCS launches several relief and health centers in Iran

Bojnord/ Mashahd/ Sanandaj, Feb. 06 (IRCS) — The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has inaugurated several projects in three provinces.

IRCS President Prof. Ali Asghar Peyvandi inaugurated a number of relief projects in the northeastern provinces of Khorasan Razavi and North Khorasan on Monday and Tuesday.The inaugurations took place in several ceremonies held to mark the 39th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.


In the city of Bojnord, North Khorasan, northeastern Iran, Prof. Peyvandi officially opened IRCS provincial branch’s air base for relief operations. Moreover, IRCS provincial branch’s relief warehouses, totally covering 1,000 square meters, were opened.

Relief, administrative and educational building was opened. as well. The building has built in three floors. IRCS President also launched a memorial to 12 martyrs of IRCS. 

In a press conference in Bojnord, referring to opening of air base for relief operations in North Khorasan, Dr. Peyvandi said that in case of budget allocation, Iranian Red Crescent will purchase three other choppers quite soon.

Currently, IRCS owns 24 relief choppers ready for operation across the country.

"The main task of Red Crescent is public training,” added Peyvandi. “For this purpose, IRCS's National Khadem Plan (Prepared family against hazard from house to house) is planning to raise public awareness about disasters risks.”

Prof, Peyvandi also said to reporters that 75 ambulances and relief vehicles would be added to the IRCS relief fleet.



 In Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi, northeastern Iran, a Residential Center under the name of Rabbani was opened. The building of center was donated to IRCS by the deceased Davoud Rabbani.

 At this ceremony, IRCS President said:"The sacred tradition of endowment is a way of salvation, so that we can use it accordingly to meet with the needs of the people."

 Prof. Peyvandi met with Khorasan Razavi Governor Alireza Rashidi in the northeastern city of Mashad on Tuesday.
In the meeting, Peyvandi, referring to the remarkable membership of the youths in IRCS, said: "This provides a valuable opportunity for the emergence and manifestation of the vast potentialities of the younger generations and their partnership in charity and public benefit activities."
For his part, Mr. Rashidi, Khorasan Razavi Governor, said: “Red Crescent’s role either in its main mandate that is relief and rescue services or in trust building, as a significant asset, has been very instrumental.”
“Red Crescent is a valuable, benevolent and humanitarian organization which can step in all crises and disasters across the world," he added.

 IRCS President visited the family of the deceased rescuer Seyyed Ali Hosseini who lost his life in Oshtorankuh avalanche in December 2017. Peyvandi also met aid worker Mohammad Hossein Fazel who is suffering from illness.



Furthermore, a center was launched in the city of Gonabad, northeastern Iran, to engage youth and volunteers in relief, cultural and sports services.



 In the city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan, western Iran, IRCS’ air relief base was opened in a ceremony held with IRCS Secretary General Mahmoud Mohammadi Nasab in attendance. The base has been built in 3,000 square meters.

 Also, a Logistic Complex in 12,000 square meters with 4 relief warehouses and a health clinic was opened for Red Crescent provincial branches in Kurdistan.

 Furthermore, the health clinic includes parts of speech-language, pathology, Audiometry, Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy and pilgrimage vaccination.


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