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IRCS opens Relief, Health Projects in Southeastern Iran

IRCS opens Relief, Health Projects in Southeastern Iran

Kerman/Tabas, Feb. 07 (IRCS) _ Iranian Red Crescent Society has launched a number of relief and health centers in the provinces of Kerman,South Khorasan and Hormozgan.


Projects including “a surgical and dental center”, “emergency operation center” and two “road relief and rescue bases” in Gol Gohar district of Sirjan and Kahnuj-South Roudbar crossing were among the projects that were launched in the presence of IRCS President in Kerman province, southeastern Iran.

The road relief base in Gol Gohar district is located in Sirjan-Shiraz artery. The ground of the building was donated by Gol Gohar Mineral Complex to the Iranian Red Crescent Society. The construction of the base began in 2014 in 5,000 square meters of 250 square meters of built area.

The ground of the road relief base in Bahador Abad’s bridge in Kahnuj-South Roudbar crossing was donated to IRCS. The construction of the base began in 2015 in 2,500 square meters and 250 square meters of build area.

Currently, Iranian Red Crescent Society manage more than 530 relief bases across the country.


IRCS President Prof. Peyvandi said: "Considering Kerman ad a big province in southeastern of the country and having vast and extensive counties, we should pay special attention to the province in terms of equipment supply.” Prof. Peyvandi said at the meeting with the family of deceased relief worker Ahmad Tavakkoli in Kerman as well.

IRCS President also visited earthquake-affected regions in Kuhbanan County, Kerman Province providing shelters (basic architectural structures which protect from the local environment) to some earthquake-affected families who lost their homes in the recent tremor. The shelters were donated to the Red Crescent Society by benefactors.

A 5.2-magnitude earthquake struck Kuhbanan district in Kerman province on Thursday, 21 December 2017, at 20:34 local time, which left 42 injured.


Also new building of Minab's Red Crescent society in Hormozgan Province, southern Iran, was inaugurated in attendance of IRCS President.

South Khorasan

Also, on Tuesday, IRCS relief base by under the name of martyr Montazer Qaem was inaugurated in Tabas, South Khorasan, eastern Iran. The base is located 120 kilometers off the city and 250 km from Yazd in 5,000 square meters and 384 square meters of build area.


Iran is among the world’s most vulnerable countries towards natural hazards. Among the 43 different types of natural disasters observed in different parts of the world, 33 types have been identified in Iran. Major natural disasters include frequent serious earthquakes, floods, droughts and landslides.


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