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IRCS services in Norouz Outlined

IRCS services in Norouz Outlined


TEHRAN, Mar. 12 _ (IRCS) _ Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is planning to offer several relief and safety services to the Iranian citizens during New Year holidays (Norouz) beginning on March 20. 

Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) renders services during Norouz with over 1,330 relief posts in Red Crescent Norouz Relief and Rescue National Campaign and over 800 posts in National Campaign for the Safety and Health of the Norouz Travellers. Persian New Year starts on March 21.

At the same time, 2,500 sets of specialized equipment for IRCS Rapid Response Teams, 30,000 relief clothes, 50 forklift and other specialized equipment deliver to Red Crescent provincial branches.

In a ceremony held at IRCS Relief and Rescue Organization in Tehran on March 11 prior to the Red Crescent Norouz Campaigns, the IRCS President, Prof. Ali Asghar Peyvandi, said: “Of more than 40 natural or man-made disasters happening in the world, 30 may occur in Iran; so, it is necessary to take appropriate measures on prevention of and responding to the disasters.”

In terms of the occurrence of disasters the [calendar] year 1396 (21 March 2017- 20 March 2018) was remarkable for our country; however, Red Crescent managed to respond appropriately to these disasters by the experiences it had mustered over 90 years,” the IRCS President added.

At this ceremony, also, Head of the Iranian Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organization Morteza Salimi noted that IRCS would deploy 24 relief choppers, 1,026 ambulances during the Red Crescent Norouz Relief and Rescue National Campaign, as well as 1,781 relief, operational and communications vehicles. The Campaign begins on March 16 through April 6, 2018.

Also, IRCS Youth Organization carries out the National Campaign for the Safety and Health of Norouz Travellers across the country as of March 19th to April 4th 2018. 20,000 young members participate in the eighteenth phase of the Campaign.

Dr. Masoud Habibi, Head of the Iranian Red Crescent Youth Organization, said: “Activities in the Campaign are based on rendering the training and cultural services with the approach of improving people's attitude when driving, rendering relief-health services with the approach of preventing dangerous behaviors among young people and rendering common humanitarian services with the approach of prevention, and rendering cultural-religious services.”

Over 800 posts, 376 tents for daily prayers, 433 spaces for kids to play and 492 health stations have been provided to offer services to the travellers. The motto of this phase of the Campaign is "Public efforts for better traffic behavior".


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