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IRCS to Distribute Food Packages among Needy in Ramadan

IRCS to Distribute Food Packages among Needy in Ramadan


TEHRAN, May. 17 (IRCS) _ The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) plans to distribute food packages amongst needy families across the country during the month of Ramadan.

The content of the packages may differ from region to region given the climatic and cultural differences between them.

IRCS Volunteers Organization implements Homaye Rahmat Campaign for the fifteenth year to provide and distribute food items among families in need.

This year, in addition to needy families and orphans, IRCS Volunteers Organization will support families of invalid patients, families of prisoners and female-run households.

“This year, the food packages for Homaye Rahmat Campaign include rice, oil, pasta, sugar, grains, tea and essential items,” said Habib Dargahi, acting head of IRCS Volunteers Organization. “Also, more than 10,000 of volunteers and benefactors will participate in this national campaign.”

Last year, 118,000 food packages were distributed among the needy households, female-headed households, orphans and all the people who are not supported by humanitarian institutions.

This year, Ramadan starts on May 17 in Iran.


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