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IRCS National Summer Relief, Rescue Plan to Begin on June 14

IRCS National Summer Relief, Rescue Plan to Begin on June 14


TEHRAN, Jun. 9 (IRCS) _ The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has planned a nationwide scheme during summer to offer relief and rescue services to road travellers in the country, just like previous years.

Accordingly, the society has prepared 1,290 road relief posts across the country which will render relief and rescue services to the people and travellers.

The IRCS National Summer Relief and Rescue Plan is to begin from Jun. 14 and run until Sept. 22. It will take 100 days.

The plan is conducted by IRCS Relief and Rescue Organization across the country, with an average of 4,606 participants per day.

Altogether, the posts will be equipped with 24 relief choppers, 1,026 ambulances, 438 rescue vehicles, 50 multi-operational vehicles (Argo), 1,282 operational vehicles, 11 telecommunication vehicles, 122 motor ambulances and 475 relief motorcycles to respond to the affected people.

“Carrying out road relief services is a priority for the Relief and Rescue Organization, so we will use all of our capacities,” said Morteza Salimi, head of the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organization.

Citing that 1,290 fixed and mobile road relief posts of the Red Crescent are ready to offer services to the people, he added: “557 of them are fixed posts, and the rest are makeshift ones.”

Iranian Red Crescent Society has 60,000 relief workers and rescuers specialized in such fields as natural disasters, road accidents, mountain, etc.

In addition to Summer Relief and Rescue Plan, IRCS carries out such plans in winter and holidays of Iranian New Year which begins on March 21.



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